23 November 2010

The World Keeps On Turning...And Fast

Latest Session

So it's been a while. I've neglected my blog, my writing, even my reading, and am feeling out of touch so-to-speak with all of my worlds. I can't keep up. So here is a speed-of-light self-reflection with the hopes of finding stable ground by the end.

Deep breath.

And begin.

Report cards, interviews, Ben crying over a "really bad day and I can't do patterns in math". Teacher says he is doing great!! Great. I think. Still crying. Bullying not gone but at least not physical and school is actually, get this, working on our side! Imagine that. K8 has a B...a B...in math, up two grades. Hooray!!

Work...crashing patients, disgruntled patients and families over crap that is the fault of the system and the "ass" at the head of our Health Board (much thanks Mr. Duckett. Going to trash your house when I find out where you live) chaos, pulling out hair and wondering, why in the hell did I choose this career? Right. Helping people and all that crap. Need to focus on writing, moving my fantasy 'career life' to reality.


Christmas. CHRISTMAS! Shopping, decorating, baking, music. Oh, I love it all, I really do. But this year began with the annual argument.....

Me: can we please hang lights on the house this year?
Hubby: Bah humbug. (He actually says this.)
Me: come on! The kids want them sooooo bad.
K8: Doesn't matter to me.
Ben: Whatever.
Me: Are you freakin' kidding me???

This year, however, I won!! Candy cane lights ready to line garage, reindeer for my lawn, so many plans....then it snowed, minus 40 with the windchill and once again, decorating is crapped on until a break in weather comes. (Might hunt down the damn weather man.)

Girl Guides. Volunteering is a great thing, don't get me wrong. But I already have a job and enough "life in general" that the hours put into Guiding has come to be an enormous pain in the ass.

Reminder to Self: Commitment made. Stick it out. Then K8 says one day, "Mom, I don't know if I want to keep going to Guides."

Don't get me started.

Kung Fu (where I don't volunteer) has turned out to be a nice one hour break where I have to do NOTHING! Except watch little Benny doing his kick ass moves on the big guys. Kayso, slight over exaggeration. He's only in week 6.

The Puppy!! LOVE her. So fun. So cute So pretty....peed on carpet, high energy spin cycle at two designated hours of the day, and my kitchen chair corners are forever chewed and slobbered on. Still, that Bella front toothed "smile"greeting you in the morning is pretty awesome.

And finally, my writing. I did manage to dedicate some time to fixing up my website and giving my book its very own page and blog. This, to me, is very exciting. So everyone else, get excited and pass it around so I can sell some more books already!!!!

So that only scratches the surface, but the deeper stuff will remain inward until un-designated time of self-explosion and nervous &/or mental breakdown occurs.

Until then, further plans for promoting self: At a standstill. As I said, my world is spinning too fast and I can't fit anything else into it. Fame and fortune, I will see you soon!! Just maybe not reeeaaal soon.

I wonder if Oprah, Ellen or Rachael Ray would like a copy of my book to peruse without any intention whatsoever of said author looking for a plug. (I am sure no one else has thought of it.)

A quote from K8:
"I think the people at the hospital wouldn't make you work all the time if they knew how much your family missed you."

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