24 November 2010


Latest Session...and Addendum to the previous post where I stated:

...crap that is the fault of the system and the "ass" at the head of our Health Board (much thanks Mr. Duckett. Going to trash your house when I find out where you live)...

Well, good news everyone! Dr. (a title I use lightly and with heavy sarcasm) Stephen Duckett has been fired! I hate to celebrate another human being's bad fortune, but in this case, under the assumption the man is even human in the first place--I tend to think likely not--I will rejoice anyhow.

I won't go into detail (I can't go into detail without sending myself into a tirade, spending hours of energy and raising my blood pressure to dangerous levels) but we'll just say our health care system is better off. Our patients have a fighting chance, we nurses and hospital staff may just be seen as human and respected for our jobs.

And maybe, just maybe, the money that would have gone toward his bonus as it previously did, could build and staff a new wing in the hospital this year.

(Oooo. Careful. Tirade narrowly avoided.)

Let it be noted, I did not put off my public for the sake of a cookie. Like some other arrogant asses I know.

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