27 August 2010

Don't You Hate it When...

...you are in the midst of a THOUSAND projects and another one creeps into the mix?

Me: Thanks, project, but I really have enough on the go and--
Oh, just a few minutes of your time.
A few minutes always turns into more, project, you know that.
Yes, well, it's a BIG one.
Even better. *dripping with sarcasm*
Of course.

Yes, that's right. I'm not busy enough with back to school, Guides kicking off the year, middle of a fiction novel, half finished painting wall murals--oh, just click here at a previous post for a list of my crazy ideas--and another story pops itself into my head.

No hints on this one, but I am sooooo excited.

Okay, so I can't not tell...

This one is a children's book, something I haven't done in a while, based on my last post about elephants and thunderstorms. And the best part? I get to work with my very talented artist brother! Yay!

Funny, isn't it, that in the midst of chaos, here I sit flipping through the laptop documents--novel manuscript, children's book and my blog--while paint dries in the kids rooms and I have to get up for work early in the morning.

Oh well.

The kitchen looks like crap.

A quote from K8:
"Mama, when are we publishing our book?"


  1. I have about a million (roughly) projects on the go at the moment and probably more to come!

    All of your projects sound wonderful, the children's book in particular excites me.

    My Kitchen looks like crap too!

  2. Thans Claire...the kitchens will always wait.

  3. Isn't it great to just follow the inspiration wherever it takes us? I can certainly relate to what you're saying here. Kitchen mess will still be there tomorrow - inspiration might not... Thanks :-)

  4. LOL. Oh my the ideas that pop into my head at odd hours and yes, when in the midst of a gazillion other projects! I like how quick and short this post is. I needed a reminder to keep plugging away and you say it so plainly and with simplicity. A teacher once told me "There is profundity in simplicity" He was right all along. I just have to remember it. LOL.