30 July 2010


No, not by a Vampire...though they are all the rage these days...

I think everyone has a multitude of emotions (we already knew that) that define our being, or different parts of being, I suppose you could say (we likely knew that, too), the part of me in focus on this blog being my writer's side.

Well, that side of me has of late lost it's smile, emotion, drive, and creativity. It is frowning.

Months I have waited to find an inspiration for a new idea, a new book, and have watched as my entire persona has changed at the lack thereof. I am grumpier. I feel like that little chunk of 'something' is just missing and my frustration grows, festers and I start taking on a multitude of other projects. Here are my recent ones:

*I planted a vegetable & herb garden, cherry shrubs, flowers, cedars trees
*I created this blog ;)
*I pulled out the old recipe books and started 'experimenting' again--mostly with good results
*I organized the toys and shelves in kids rooms after a trip to IKEA
*I painted the kids rooms--now deep purple and royal blue
*I started murals in the kids rooms--tree covering one wall, life size R2D2 coming to life--I can't do things small-scale
*Puppy shopping for everything doggie, 6 months before it was even conceived. (yes, due date in August, but that puppy kennel NEEDED a home)
*I became a Gleek...addicted completely to Glee the Show, the Music--I did not appreciate the PVR until those Glee kids started belting out their rendition of Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing'

All of that aside, I have tried everything writing-focused to get out of this, but alas, NOTHING has worked.

Until now!!

I've been bitten again by that proverbial bug, started clacking away at the keys of the computer. And so another adventure begins.

Wish me well, and my greatest of apologies to this poor blog that will suffer indefinitely while my creative side is otherwise occupied. It has been a while already, my new book sits at 63K words and counting, and so instead of clacking the hours away here, it is onward to the recesses of my imagination.

This particular therapy session is closed. And I have found my writer's smile.

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