03 June 2010

A Whole New Me

So I've switched blog sites, this, my first entry or what I think of as a free therapy session.

And I can sit on my own sofa.

Why switch?

First: Layout. This one looks pretty. I'm all about pretty.

Second: Blogspot seems to be "the thing". And "the thing" means more access, more hits, and we, as inherently attention seeking humans, want as many people as possible to *tag* us, *friend* us, *poke* us or *follow* us, whichever the case may be.

As a writer, multiply that by a thousand because writers, even the otherwise introverted loner types, want to be noticed in the on-line world. Let's face it, in any world. When I write, I am screaming, pay attention to me, I have so much to say and the words just fall out all over the place. In person I am often saying, hey...so..., and wishing I was back at home within the walls of my comfortable, domain of solitude where only my computer knows my bold side. Well, not only. But close.

But here's the real reason for the switch: I was bored. Are you kidding? I can't stick to one thing for long before I find myself rummaging through websites in search of another excuse to write. So here I am...

Thanks Blogspot...

Until I get bored and start searching again which is inevitable. But by then, this writer will be on bookshelves all over the world, travelling for book tours and fighting off the publishers...

(This is the boldness I speak of.)

I will attach a link on my website to the old blog because tossing my thoughts to the recycle bin of internet-space is like sacrilidge. Every word is a treasure chest full of gold that only I can open or still care about. My first novel manuscript is proof of that; we'll just call it a "practice run" but it sits, 11 years, 2 complete 300 page re-types--from paper copy due to Dinosaur Computer's malfunction--later in the recesses of files.

So welcome. Keep posted. More to come...


A quote from K8 (after seeing my one page spread in the small community flyer advertising my book):
"Mama, like you said before, only one person needs to read it and buy a book, then it'll be a million."

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